Enjoy this high-quality hot spring flowing from the source.

There are two open-air baths (men and women), two indoor baths (men and women) and five family baths (private baths) at the inn. Each bath faces a mountain stream and you can see the river side of the Goraku River, and the brilliant and beautiful Sakura Falls. Please relax and enjoy your hot spring as you sense the change of the seasons in this location that immerses you in nature.

Climb the long staircase to find Takimian on the hill overlooking Sakura Falls, featuring open-air baths with scenic views for men and for women
Opening hours: 6 am to midnight
*Opening hours for bathers not staying at the inn are 10 am to 5 pm.

There are open-air baths (men and women) exclusively for inn guests along the Goraku River, down the stone steps from the corridor on the 1st floor. Since the bath continues from the indoors to outdoors, you can come and go between the baths.
Opening hours: 6 am to midnight

Guests can use the five private baths free of charge. All the baths offer a spacious feeling thanks to the semi-open construction facing a stream. Please tell us which bath you would like to use when you arrive.Opening hours: 7 am to 10 pm (45 minutes session)

There are two indoor baths, which alternate between men and women each morning
Opening hours: 6 am to midnight (alternates between men and women at 6 am)