601 Sakuradake, Amagase-Machi,
Hita-city, Oita, 879-4201, Japan



"Sanso-Tensui" is one of the most famous
traditional Japanese-style Hotel (Ryokan) in Kyusyu.

We offer comfort along with luxuries such as onsen (hot springs), open-air baths,traditional cuisine and picturesque landscapes.
Please come here to experience japanese high hospitality.


We provide Japanese-style (tatami mat room) 21 rooms for customers.


When you stay with us ,we strongly recommend you to experience
our open-air baths,because you can look down waterfall that it names "sakura taki″.
"sakura taki″is one of the most famous waterfall in "amagase ″area.
It has been introduced and loved by the many painters and writers untill today
from long time ago. It says in the papers "the splash of waters looks like flowers and
coming down from the mountain cliff looks like straight lines″.
people say "A thousand hearings are not worth one seeing ″
don't you want to visit our hotel some day ?


We guarantee that our cuisine served on beautiful plates and using delicious ingredients appeal to a wide customers.
Please enjoy the taste of the japanese food from the aperitif to the dessert.

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Tel +81-973-57-2424 , Fax +81-973-26-7822